My name is Naomi. I am a photographer who takes joy in capturing honest reflections of life. I am a social worker who finds fulfillment in caring for those who others may not see. I am a Richmonder who loves this city. I am a wife and a mother who tries to achieve balance between family, work, and community life. My love for photography stems from who I am. I want my photos to tell the truth: about life, love, faith and family.

When I was a child my grandfather owned a photography lab. I was privileged to watch him and my father work in the dark room with negatives and to create slides while doing my part with chores around the shop (which included sweeping cigarette butts out of the parking lot and sanitizing the bathrooms). I also saw a myriad of wedding photographers bring in rolls of film that then transformed into beautiful portraits of one of the happiest days in someone’s life. For me photography is about telling a story; capturing moments, seeing beauty in people, and reliving that memory.

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My journey with photography began when I begged my dad for one of my grandfather’s old cameras at age 16 and lept for joy when he actually listened to my plea. My dad and mom gave me that old camera, complete with “hippie” strap as an early graduation gift wrapped in a large box filled with newspapers. From that day I was enamored with this camera and took photos of everything: siblings, friends, random people, flowers, gravestones and more.

In 2004 I was just a girl with a camera; however taking photos was a hobby in which I was becoming increasingly proficient. That fall two of my dearest friends were getting married in Roseville, CA and they asked me to be their photographer. Of course I wanted to photograph this day for them, but I had not previously photographed a wedding. I was hesitant at first, but their confidence in my abilities was one of the biggest blessings to my career in photography. I jumped off the cliff and with 30+ rolls of film, the trust of friends, and a prayer I was now a wedding photographer. Now more than 50 weddings later; dear friends, friends of friends and complete strangers have trusted me to capture their day—what fun it has been!

For me photography is not just standing on the outside looking in, but joining in on life, love, faith and family then using my camera to define each moment.

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